Thursday, 27 May 2010

80 year old shoots burglar

Another disgusting act of gun violence. Hopefully this homeowner will be punished severely for violating the city's noble handgun ban, which was in place for his own good. Better he die knowing fully well he was doing his bit for a gun free society than to become a filthy horrible gun criminal.

Fox News

An 80-year-old Chicago man shot and killed an armed man who broke into his two-story house in a pre-dawn home invasion Wednesday on the city's West Side.

At about 5:20 a.m., the homeowner and his wife, also in her 80s, discovered the intruder entering their home through a back door. The homeowner, who had a gun, confronted and killed the burglar on the doorstep, police said. Cops said the intruder also fired his gun during the struggle.

"It's a good thing they had a gun, or they might be dead," said Curtis Thompson, who lives next door to the couple, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Neighbors described the elderly couple, who both walk with canes, as pillars of the community in Garfield Park, where home invasions have been all too frequent.

Their neighbor, Shaquite Johnson, told MyFoxChicago that the two are "heroes" for fighting off the attacker — and that the shooting means there is "one less criminal" walking the streets.
"They don't bother no one, so why would anyone do that to them?" she said.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Jail this women now

Grandmother Faces Five Years for 80 year old pistol

"A GRANDMOTHER is facing a five-year jail sentence for keeping a handgun, her late father's war memento, in her home.
The pistol passed to Gail Cochrane, 53, when her father, a former Royal Navy serviceman, died almost 30 years ago, a court heard yesterday.

However, it is a prohibited weapon under laws introduced in the wake of the Dunblane massacre, and official authority is required to possess it."

Why this horrible, evil women isn't being sentenced to prison for 10 years is beyond me. Guns are ONLY tools of murder, afterall. By possessing this gun, she is no doubt a ticking time bomb waiting to carry out a drive-by shooting or similar.

A sickening example of American Gun Culture

All I can say is, thank God we live in a country where generally guns are illegal to own.

89 Year Old Shoots at Intruder

Citizens in Des Moines, Iowa were able to rest easy Wednesday after one of their own did her part in stopping an intruder from robbing her home Tuesday, April 20.

Beatrice Turner, 89, was greeted by a man she said was pounding on her front door. Turner told the man he had the wrong house and to remove himself from her property.

Instead, the would-be robber continued to beat on the wood door until he broke it down.

Instead of succumbing to a home invasion, robbery or worse, Turner grabbed a .22 caliber revolver. She warned the man, who used his fists and feet to break down the door, that she would shoot him if he went any farther.

When the intruder decided to enter Turner's house, she pointed the handgun and fired a single shot, sending the man reeling onto the front lawn, unharmed.

"I said, 'As long as you stay on the outside, I'm not gonna (shoot),"' Turner said. "'But, if you come on the inside, it's going to be me or you.'"

This is a disgrace. When will Americans ever wake up and realize that guns have no place in society? I for one am glade that with our sensible gun laws in the United Kingdom, this particular women would be put in prison for 5 years, as anyone who possesses a gun deserves (Although 10 years is more appropriate, as us and Mothers Against Guns have long campaigned for).

Here at The Gun Control Network, we firmly acknowledge the fact that guns have no purpose in society, and incidences like this should bring this fact home to anyone considering obtaining one.