Monday, 27 December 2010

A sensible response to an armed robbery

All too often we hear about business owners in the USA arming themselves out of paranoid fear that they might be the victim of a robbery. The story below highlights the importance of being fully cooperative and not attempting to 'defend' yourself in any way.


In 1957, Lucy's Bakery secrets to success were old world values with authentic gourmet Hungarian taste.

The problems outside its doors seemed to stay at bay until last Friday when trouble walked right through them.

"It was really scary. When he asked for the safe and I said we don't have a safe I knew he was going to shoot me," victim Marika Feigenbaum said.

She had been threatened two times before, but this time the would-be robber fired.

"I had so much pain in my hand and my head I didn't know I got shot," Feigenbaum said.

The bullet entered her left shoulder and exited without causing more serious damage.

Had she of been one of the many armed paranoid gun nuts in the USA this could have all too easily have turned into a tragic incident like this or this. Any death caused by a gun is a gun death and of serious concern to us, no matter how the gun lobby twist these statistics.

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Robber Shoots Deli Owner For Not Having Enough Money

As reported, two masked and armed men burst into the Star Deli in St. Petersburg, Flordia. One of the gunmen stood lookout while the other ordered the owner to empty the cash register. Despite the owners full cooperation, the gunman wasn’t satisfied with the amount of money that was in the register. Narendra Patel was shot three times, including once in the chest, for not having enough money.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Children licenced to carry guns on our streets

It has been recently revealed that children as young as 10 YEARS OLD are being licenced to CARRY GUNS all accross England & Wales. This is absolutely disgraceful and should not be allowed to continue.

The statistcs for children (and if you class a child as anyone under the age of 21, the numbers are staggering) using guns in criminal activities should ring alarm bells immediately that this can't continue any longer. How many young black males in London need to die before we do something about this madness and enact a total ban?

We call for children currently licenced to hold any firearms to be immediately jailed for a minimum of 10 years. This will act as a deterent to anyone who wishes to commit murder.

'tools of murder' - A PRIMARY school pupil aged just 10 was one
of at least 34 children granted a licence last year

Saturday, 11 December 2010


Beautiful cats and deadly killers.

Gun lovers corrupt the elderly


The story above is just one example of how gun lovers in the US have corrupted the elderly and those who are most vulnerable to respond with violence.

'Arsenal of evil' - .22 NAA pocket revolver used in the shooting

It has been revealed that this deadly weapon is being marketed using websites such as You Tube. This has been of concern to us in the past and so far the government have not taken measures to restrict videos of this nature from public viewing, or at least to the UK.

It's clear the USA needs to get tough on gun criminals and impose a mandatory jail sentence of 10 years minimum for possession of deadly weapons such as these, having absolutely no justifiable reason for them to be available in a civilized society.