Friday, 13 August 2010

Store owner shoots man

ELYRIA, Ohio - Surveillance cameras were rolling as the owner of a carry-out in Elyria faced a life and death struggle, when a would-be robber tried to force his way into the store Monday morning.

The man eventually succeeded in getting through the door in the drive-thru, but the owner had a surprise for him, a gun she carries in her hip pocket.

She tells Fox 8 "I reacted as fast as I could, trying to put a barrier between him and I saw him breaking through that door and I shot him."

Once the tables have been turned on the bandit, he ran away.

The owner does not want to to be identified but says her store had been held up earlier this month, and she was acting on instinct when she fired at the suspect.

I can't believe the selfishness and gun ready nature of American gun owners. Having a gun in a situation ALWAYS makes that situation worse, it really is that simple. Whatever it is, robbery, rape - the presence of a gun automatically brings deadlyness to an already bad situation.

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  1. Either this blog is a sideways swipe at the GCN & their head harridan & liar, Gill Marshall Andrews, or the writer is mentally retarded.
    For now I'll believe it is the former.