Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Children licenced to carry guns on our streets

It has been recently revealed that children as young as 10 YEARS OLD are being licenced to CARRY GUNS all accross England & Wales. This is absolutely disgraceful and should not be allowed to continue.

The statistcs for children (and if you class a child as anyone under the age of 21, the numbers are staggering) using guns in criminal activities should ring alarm bells immediately that this can't continue any longer. How many young black males in London need to die before we do something about this madness and enact a total ban?

We call for children currently licenced to hold any firearms to be immediately jailed for a minimum of 10 years. This will act as a deterent to anyone who wishes to commit murder.

'tools of murder' - A PRIMARY school pupil aged just 10 was one
of at least 34 children granted a licence last year


  1. There is already a total ban on the weapons you show in your pictures.
    Can you please stop lying and fabricating figures to stir up more hysteria.
    Thank you

    1. Anonymous You Dink.Dont Censor The Media!

  2. Is it your intention to present this photo as being a typically British example of it's youth bearing arms?

  3. Blaming guns for shootings is like blaming a pencil for a spelling mistake...

  4. I the uk a 10 yr old can have a licence but you cant do much with it. You have to be with an adult to buy a gun you can not buy ammo an adult has to do that, and an adult must be present when you shoot and has to carry the gun. Ak47 and m4s are completely illegal in the uk. You could only get one as a citizen is from the black market.