Monday, 3 January 2011

Quote of the day

"Guns only have one purpose and that is to kill other people or animals. Any argument of self defense, is an evil, godless, criminal rationalization. Therefore only an evil person, wants to own a gun. But Jesus said you will know them by their fruits. If they own a gun, they are evil. Unless their purpose to own a gun is to kill other gun owners or people who refuse to give up their guns. By their words they must be judged and the NRA gun nuts have said, "only out of our dead hands". In the war between good and evil, all gun owners will be killed. Gun owners are more evil than crack addicts, rapists or child molesters. As these people have no intention of killing anyone.......... Once a society bans guns, they must make it the death penalty to own a gun. " - Timothy, Michigan

Great stuff Timothy. Gun nuts are growing problem in the UK and we need to be rid of them.


  1. I still think this site is satire.

  2. Timothy in Michigan.

    Your a moron.


  3. This site is so full of shit!! You are all a bunch of morons!!!

  4. Pretty sure this site is supposed to be taking the mick out of the Gun Control Network. It's quite obvious really.