Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gun carrier threatens lives of three men, shoots one

Again, this story proves how reckless it is handing out guns to normal people. Anyone who wants a gun is clearly a lunatic and a paranoid one at that. With so many muggers, murderers and rapists on our streets carrying guns and knives, it's an insult to call for people to be armed to 'defend themselves' or other such nonsense.

Concealed Carry Permit Holder Fends Off 3 Robbers
Police say that they approached and attempted to rob a man outside the Longhorn Steakhouse on the 6800 block of Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach, Florida. Acting in self defense, the robbery victim reportedly drew and fired his handgun, striking one of the robbers and causing the other two robbers to flee. A suspect was reportedly taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries, and police are seeking the two uninjured robbers. No injuries to the concealed carry permit holder were reported.

More victims of America's gun violence. This only shows that there is no need for a normal person to have a gun. Only criminals have a need for a gun. Hopefully this man is prosecuted and jailed for his actions.

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  2. I love this place.

    Satire & parody are components of comedy that are best at the moment when they accurately mirror that which they lampoon & this blog gats right down to the basic beliefs of Gill Marshall-Andrews & her small coterie of barking moonbat supporters.

    Keep up the good work:-)

  3. Come take my guns libtard tool.

  4. Kudo's to the guy that shot the robber! He kept his belongings and his life. The robber paid the price for his own actions, and the 3 of them will certainly think twice before trying to rob someone else. If all honest citizens carried firearms; robbery, rape, and other violent crimes would drop drastically.
    To the author of this blog. You are obviously of very low intelligence. The stories you publish prove exactly the opposite of what you are trying to show. I think you are one of the best friends we gun owners have, so kudo's to you too!