Thursday, 18 August 2011

London Sikhs should be ashamed of themselves

In a sickening show of disregard for this country's stance on offensive weapons , the Sikh community has let us and the victims of knife violence down and should make an official public apology.

With the level of violence we have experienced in places across London this week being all too widely known, it is unacceptable that the Sikh community decides to show blatant disregard for our laws and the feelings of those effected by weapon crime.

It is only right that the deadly weapons frightfully displayed in public be handed into the police and destroyed. There is absolutely no reason for anyone other than the police and our troops to have any sort of weapon and this should be made absolutely clear in the weeks following this incident.


  1. Do you have a problem with Sikhs?

    I mean; you made no mention of the vicious Turks in Mare street brandishing their assault baseball bats, or the white men in Stoke Newington & their deadly cricket bats & hockey sticks.
    Please reiterate for those new to victimhood that lying down & dying in agony is the only reasonable response to being assaulted, robbed or murdered.

  2. What?! Are you serious? The Sikhs were there defending their property while the rest of britain was prey for the welfare hordes! Sikhs are virtuous and brave people who believe that good people should be strong while all evil and vice should be crushed like a cockroach. You seem to think that good people should be weak and living in constant fear at the mercy of the demonic hordes! Its almost like i'm in H.G. Wells "The Timemachine", STOP BEING WEAK, STOP BEING ELOI. PICK UP A SWORD AND FIGHT THE MORLOCKS!


  3. In November 2000 I spent a fortnight in southern Texas at the invitation of a woman friend. From time to time we'd go down into San Antonio - mo mean city. Surprise, surprise, I FELT SAFER IN DOWNTOWN SAN ANTONIO THAN I WOULD IN MANY BRITISH CITIES! Why?
    1. They still have the death penalty for murder, and aren't scared of using it - we pensioned off the hangman back in 1965
    2. Don't understimate the strength of American Christianity; while this country has been de-Christianised and de-moralised, there Christian schooling is a big thing, as is Christian broadcasting
    3. They have an average of 5-6 guns per household and you can, after instruction, be licensed to carry a concealed handgun. So any would-be burglar or other criminal faces dangerous hazards.
    So, if our own home-grown armed criminals faced the prospect of a rope's end if they killed someone, or else a bullet from either a cop or a passer-by....who knows? But surrender to the crime culture? NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!

  4. This whole website is stupid. Articles on the home page seem to be written by people with mental problems, or people of exceedingly low intelligence...who knows, maybe both.

  5. I agree with the above comments. This blog is a prime example of ignorance at it's highest level. I'm not about to turn over my rights to defend myself, to any government. I own a lot of guns and know how to shoot them, and even make my own ammo. As a result I sleep very well. My advice to the owner of this blog is this. Do some thinking and research, and stop trying to push your screwed up views on others. Read some real facts, such as how countries and even cities that don't allow citizens to own guns have super high crime rates. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that repercussion cuts the crime rate by a lot. There are many low-lifes that prey on the helpless, but guess what; Samuel Colt made us all equal. I'll keep my guns and you can keep your messed up opinions tyvm.

  6. Just one thing

    War zones are known for their safety.

    Sikhs are called saint soldiers