Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Rapist shot in 'self defence'

Again, an irresponsible action by an American householder which lead to a gun being used, of which she never should have been allowed to have in the first place. According to the report the man who raped the women involved came back a second time, which begs the question - why weren't the police involved after the first incident? Does this say as much about America's bloodbath stance on allowing gun ownership than it does about the effectiveness police have on preventing violent acts to take place?


  1. The police WERE involved after the first rape. That why charges were being brought against him.
    Did you even watch the video?

    If she had had a gun the first time, she could have removed this repeat offending scum from society then, and not been raped at all. And she also could have potentially saved a lot of others from being harmed by this psycho.

    Irresponsible is NOT doing anything to stop people like this.
    I hope you and your whole family gets raped.

  2. At first it was hard to tell that this whole blog is satire. The humor falls a bit short since you actually sound like you're just this crazy.

  3. when will the gun violence stop?? :(
    there was no need to shoot this poor upstanding citizen, she merely could have done what i do.
    i keep an umloaded glock pistol next to the bed. sometimes, when i am not in the mood for sex, and the girlfriend wants it, i will just shove the pistol into her cunt until she gets off. she enjoys me slide fucking her hard with my glock,and its a good way to put a useless instrument of death to a useful constructive use.
    if the criminal in this case would have just given her gun to the unfortunate victim instead of shooting him with it, im sure she would have enjoyed feeling the sensation of being pistol fucked.
    just one warning though, this is why i use a glock, if you use a steel gun, you must be sre to clean it afterward. vaginal secretions are very corrosive, and if left to work on the gun, will cause it to rust, which could lead to vaginal infections with subsequent uses.SAFTEY FIRST!!

  4. So what your trying to say is that she should not have shot him but asked him polity to go away. Every one should give that woman a medal for ridding the earth of that scum.