Monday, 14 June 2010

The truth about "self defence"

After searching through over 200 of the many so called "self defence" reports on this pro gun, probably far-right website, finally, here is the proof that puts gun ownership into perspective:

Shrewsbury women shot by her own gun

She was shot with her own gun — as she scuffled with a home invader.

That’s what St. Louis County Police are now revealing about last month’s shooting that left a Shrewsbury woman wounded. County police spokesman officer Rick Eckhardt says there is no indication the woman shot herself intentionally — and they say her story is supported by evidence of a forced entry.

“She had a (hand) gun in the bedroom and when awakened by an intruder, she grabs the gun,” Eckhardt said, “She’s being thrown around against the wall and the bed and next thing she knows, she was shot.”

Something tells me she wishes she would have given into his demands instead, as would have been sensible. Silly women, what the hell did she think she needed a gun for anyway? I could never understand this mentality.

So there you have it. If you have a gun for "self-defence" (Yeah, right..) your are more likely to get shot by it yourself.


  1. lol you can find ONE incident where it went bad guess how many i can find on when it worked out fine. oh wait just look at your own blog.

  2. No kidding.
    Is this website a joke?
    If not, then whoever put it together sure is.

    Let's just all give in to every criminal's demands from now on?
    What a moron.

  3. One in two hundred articles on there had somebody get shot by their own gun. That's 0.5% - 199 times less than successful acts of self defence.

    By those statistics, you are nowhere near "more likely" to get shot by it yourself.

  4. You are a pacifist pussy, who would rather put your faith in the kindness and generosity of criminals to not kill you, than to actually protect yourself.

    As a cop, I urged people to buy guns to protect themselves, because I couldn't fit in their pocket to be with them 24/7. A gun can.

    May all those who would seek to deny people the means to protect themselves find out the hard way how naive they are.

  5. Oh! So a double rapist deserves sympathy but a law abiding gun owner is "scum"? What strange tortured minds you have. Although I normally wouldn't wish harm on anyone, it seems in this case it is time someone close to the delusional originators of this website was attacked or raped so they could learn the hard way what it is like to be defenseless with nary a copper in sight.

    And guns=crime? Really? Statistics show licensed gun-owners to be less represented in crime figures than non-gunowners.

  6. "Let's just all give in to every criminal's demands from now on?
    What a moron."

    What a moron who doesnt understand this site.

  7. I am the woman in Shrewsbury you are talking about, I want to let everyone know that I would rather be shot AGAIN then let anyone have their way with me....even if it meant dying. No one has the right to come into someone's home and think they can do what ever they want. My life is irrevocably changed now and I can't imagine having to live with being raped as opposed to being shot. Thank you all for your support. P.S. the police refuse to give me my gun back so when well enough I bought a new one.

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