Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Typical US gun owner responce - shoot back

Robber killed by restaurateur

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – A suspect in a Moultrie armed robbery is dead, shot by the owner of a business he tried to rob.

Monday night, two men tried to rob a woman outside the Cuban restaurant she owns.

One of them shot her, but the woman's husband fired back. She's recovering, but one of the robbers was found dead today near the restaurant.

Since school let out Moultrie Police have seen an increase in armed robberies. Police weren't surprised that some owners are arming themselves to protect their businesses from this type of crime.

Since when has vigilantism ever been the answer? There is simply no justification for responding in a manner that leads to someone being shoot. It was bad enough that the criminal had a gun and shot his wife but the owner arming himself in response was an irresponsible escalation of violence on his part. Daily stories like this highlight the increasing danger the gun culture trend has in the US and the impact it exports over here with gun crime rising by as much as 50 percent in the capital and burglaries involving the use of guns at a record rise

We must continue to lobby the government to make sure this type of 'wild west' culture does not happen here. Guns have no place in a civilized society.


  1. Wow. You are completely insane.
    Since when is doing NOTHING the answer?
    Just stand there and let your wife get killed?
    If this is your idea of civilized society, you can have it.

  2. are you a compleat nutjob?
    the husbund SAVED the life of his wife.

    if you try to rob MY HARD HOUNESLY EARND money YOU ARE SCUM.

    i can not beleave that you stick up for the scum that hurt your family in the past. you are doing THEM favers and hurting the memories of your missed dead loved ones.

    I pitty you and your cause.

  3. We should have let the Germans take you.

  4. An armed society IS a polite society. The one country where crime levels have dropped to 1948 levels ...The USA.....It would be a miracle If you could drop yours to 1968 levels

  5. When you have to point out satire to an audience, you have to wonder how smart they really are....